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Sweet Herbal Honey

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Created by us, for us and gives back to us.
Generational bridging and legacy sustainment continue with us.

- Jaee | Honey



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Light Peach Delicate Watercolor Business Sale Instagram Post (4).png

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC is a small traveling interdisciplinary community creative business that produces education programs, events, and services that empower all communities of color and their experiences, within the U.S and internationally. We strive to foster an environment of understanding, creativity, and empowerment where education is the key to liberation,


We are dedicated to creating a safe space for people of color to come together and learn from one another. Through our events, services, and educational programs, we strive to promote understanding, acceptance, and solidarity between all individuals. We believe that by celebrating the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, we can create a better world for all.

We specialize in providing programming that centers sustainability, cultural preservation and interdependence that provide safe and inclusive environments for learning. We provide holistic healing experiences that can be accessible to everyone and center communities of color. Our events, fundraisers, workshops and all general programming are designed to bring people together and to create a sense of community and understanding that moves us towards intergenerational bridging and collective freedom.


Through our programming, support all communities of color through two ways: 


  1. We offer virtual and in-person creative based services, workshops, events, and programs to groups, and individuals in need of what we can offer. 

  1. In different cities, monthly, we distribute need-based donations, raise resources through fundraising and free classes to individuals and families in need of professional and personal development. Class includes budgeting, resume building, public speaking, etc..

At Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC, we work towards nurturing stronger communities, education and collaboration and we strive to create a platform that empowers and uplifts communities of color. We work side by side with communities of color to produce and develop experiences that will benefit their families and the community at large.


As a community-driven organization that is dedicated to empowering people of color by providing education, tools, and resources, we support each other in reaching our highest potential. Through our programming, we generate resources that are used to support and empower our communities. Whether we’re in the U.S. or traveling internationally, we strive to provide our community with meaningful experiences in person or virtually. Our mission is to provide access to knowledge, resources, and opportunities that will help build a better and stronger community, everywhere.

        Creativity changes lives. It heals and it solves problems.


At Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC, believe that everyone should have access to creative outlets, and we are dedicated to providing that opportunity to all. Our mission is to create safe and inclusive spaces that celebrate and honor us. Our offerings that produce through our educational programs, projects, workshops, products, services and events to inspire creativity and foster meaningful connections. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore their creative potential and develop their own personal approach to social change.  


Our goal is to create a space where we can support each other on our individual journeys to physical, mental, and emotional wellness. By working together, we create an environment that encourages solid foundations that fosters an understanding of the importance of holistic wellness and its impact on our lives.

Our mission is an act of service that builds brighter collective legacies for generations before and after to piece together and expand further.

In loving memory to my grandfather, Papa Joe

Sweet Herbal Honey was bloomed during COVID 19 and in honor of my elders and ancestors.

October 16, 1940-April 7, 2020

Record + Zulu brother, faith believer, protector, community lover, loving grandfather. and powerful ancestor.​


Joe's Record & Sweet Shop

- sweet we are my dear ancestor

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In honor of Ancestor Joesph "Joe" Sumter


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