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Sweet Herbal Honey

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Created by us, for us and gives back to us.
Generational bridging and legacy sustainment continue with us.

- Jaee | Honey

In loving memory to my grandfather, Papa Joe

Sweet Herbal Honey was bloomed during COVID 19 and in honor of him.

October 16, 1940-April 7, 2020



Record + Zulu brother, faith believer, protector, community lover, loving grandfather. and powerful ancestor.​

Joe's Record & Sweet Shop

- sweet we are my dear ancestor

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Light Peach Delicate Watercolor Business Sale Instagram Post (4).png


Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC is a traveling interdisciplinary community creative agency that produces community-centered creative-based projects, programs, events, and services that best supports as well as give back to low-income communities in need. 


Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC produces fundraiser-based creative programming and partners with community-focused POC creators, collectives, nonprofits, businesses, and organizations to collectively merge and build further our platforms to bring new sustainable and innovative cultural community ideas into fruition, step by step. We work directly and side by side with communities in need that honor their voice in providing the most aligned services and experiences for them, their families, and the community at large.  


Through community creative traveling-based projects, we provide paid creative-based opportunities for POC creators and artists to team up on projects, events, programs, and fundraisers that will give back to their-our communities. This includes raising resources that will further support individuals and families in low-income communities of color. We travel within the U.S. and Internationally through in-person and virtual programming.

        Creativity changes lives. It heals and it solves problems.


Creativity is a power that gives us the space, inspiration, and autonomy to be ourselves. It allows us to understand the world and process the experiences that encourage us to share them with others. As humans, we can support each other and our communities by using our practices and knowledge to help further research, build, teach, and develop stronger foundations for the world to justly experience.

These foundations happen through collectively exchanging -- teaching what we know and learning what we do not know to integrate and expand with each other in understanding. Our mission is to foster opportunities for connection, culture, and self-awareness that support our communities in creating new pathways that support and care for people and their needs.


Our mission is an act of service that builds brighter collective legacies for generations before and after to piece together and expand further.


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