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Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary 

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Sweet. Honeycomb Archive & Programming 

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as Cultural Bearer & Comm. Weaver

Arts & Literacy based Lesson Planning and Curriculum Building:


Supports organizations, parents, educational instructions and educators with arts integration lesson planning and curriculum development for grades K-12 & adults.

Community Arts Consulting

for centering community voices in the work:


Strategies for community building and sustaining through creative solutions and step by step planning through focusing on the community and their needs. Supports business and/or artist goals, framework and engagement tools. For businesses, creators and educational institutions.

Creative Based Classes for Youth & Adults:


Facilitating and/or supporting the educator through coaching: Students focuses on self through inquiry-based learning and community integration in and beyond the classroom. 

The Artist Voice: Artist & Creator support:


My role: Liaison & Curator

For artist and organization and/or gallery partnerships. Making sure everything stays afloat, check-ins, agreements, making sure everyone's needs are met. Supporting the artist and business through curating exhibitions, staying true to all parties' interest, style and vision. Includes marketing, artist talks, additional public programming, etc…

Each One, Teach One is Skill Sharing:


My role: Liaison

Teaching Artist Support

In classrooms, camps, organizations and virtual 

Bringing artists into the classroom and/or and public setting both locally and beyond. Artists will teach adults, youth and intergenerational groups skillful, accessible and integrative techniques based on the artist skill set(s) and practice. This ranges from farming, herbalism, African drumming, yoga, poetry, DJing, documentary, anthropology, cooking, Horticulture, producing, modeling & confidence, building & welding, dancing, photography, coding, book making, authoring, murals, and more…

More information can be found under the AséO program branch. 

Jaee Sumter Freelance is the bee of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary that channels and centers Jaee as an artist, curator, independent freelancer, and culture bearer. Jaee. Sumter Freelance allows Jaee to support individual artists, organizations, and educational institutions through independent contracting. Contracting presents itself through holding intentional space for Jaee to show up as an artist and cultural weaver. 

as Artist & Practitioner 

Ancestral & Community Public Altars:


For memorials, funerals, weddings, 1 on 1 ancestral altar work, gallery spaces, personal altars in businesses, organizations and public space


 Community Based Installations & Workshops:


Material based, collective activations, movement and creative arts workshops. All workshops are inquiry & intuitive based on all age groups and levels.

Organizer to Organizer Collaboration:

Merging of minds, souls and practices. Organizer & Group collaborations, movement performance, shows, community projects, documentaries, healing circles, retreats, etc… 

Artist Talks & Lectures:

Institutions and community spaces; virtual and/or physical


Individual Commissions:

Installations, Paintings, Photography, Altars, etc..


Reiki Energy Healing & Meditation:

Reiki - 1 on 1, Meditation (meditation can be manifested in an abundance of ways. We can explore the form that feels most natural in the space) 

For: small groups, team building, schools


Solo, Community, integrated: featured as artist or curator. Curating space for community and/or curating and participating as an artist.

Narrative Telling:

Travel Photography, Documentaries, Creative based murals (quilts, hair installations, showcases community dinners) 

Go-Go Dancer & Performances:

Performance (healing circles, festivals, events, collaborations, jam sessions, etc…) Gogo dancing & Crowd hype for LGBTQ parties & events only.

Modeling, Fashion Styling & Narrative based shoots:

Fashion from other creators or myself.  Photoshoots, unconventional artistic fashion, fashion shows, Styling for photoshoots, modeling 

Material Based Murals:

Materials as symbolic meaning for narrative telling through murals 

Sweet. Jaee
Freelance Arts Consultant & Contractor

Sweet. Honeycomb Programming & Archive is the honeycomb of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary that focuses on community-led and centered creative fundraiser-based projects, both physically and virtually. Sweet. Programming partners and produces creatively based fundraiser programs such as events, community exhibitions, dance parties, healing circles, markets, drives, community projects, skill-sharing workshops, interviews, conversations, and more that directly gives back to the community and supports with funding artists for projects.


As the point person behind the scenes with you, Jaee will work with you in manifesting your community idea(s) step by step and practically. Using the arts for creative solutions, we build intentionally.

For community client partnerships,

We hire and connect community-focused creators with communities in the U.S. and internationally. This connection unites creators and organizations by bringing their ideas to fruition. This process happens step-by-step through idea breakdown, intention and outcome setting, planning and scheduling, platform & target audience, marketing plans, and more.

After the community client partnership, Sweet Herbal Honey will add your project and background to Sweet. Honeycomb Archive. Sweet Honeycomb Archive is our digital archive with all community collaborations that includes background information about the creator, the event, any takeaways (lessons, notes), clips, and recaps for individuals who couldn't attend to have access. Honeycomb archive also acts as a space for creators and their projects to use as a digital referral and profile for their resumes or future opportunities within the hive and beyond. We also offer recommendations and reference letters after each project for those in need.

Community Client-Partnership/ Service Fee 

 Fee ranges: 

  1. Size of the event (amount of people expected) (small healing circle would differ from community exhibition or teaching an educational workshop)

  2. What support is needed?

  3. Series or One-time event

  4. Virtual or Physical

  5. Planning Time of Event

The community client-partnership fee includes:

  • Marketing Materials & Digital Designs

  • Promotions 

  • Connection with other creators (institution or another creative in your city or virtual for a similar idea or possible alignment 

  • Archive (Full page of you and your work, your project, and any information where folks can find you)

  • Project or Work Recommendation, if needed

  • Venue costs

  • Fundraiser or project


 Pay Outs to Hired Project-Team Creators:

For hired project-based artists' opportunities, Pay Out's to creators will follow 4-7 business days after the event. 

We ask that 10 percent of all project earnings to artists are donated to the Sweet Herbal Honey donation fund to provide resources for low-income communities of color.

We use Eventbrite and our website to sell tickets.






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Virtual & In person 

Email us for school & organizational partnership

(Traditional and Nontraditional) 

Indvidual, homeschool, parents support

general questions and interest

Asé O: Descendents of Roots & Legacy Empowerment Program 

Ase’ O: Descendants of Legacy & Roots is the branch of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary that acts as our educational empowerment program + curriculum that centers literacy, creative arts, ancestral understanding storytelling, artivism, identity exploration, cultural awareness, intersectionality, community empowerment, archiving, intergenerational & legacy and understanding and community connection.


Ase’ O is an inclusive, affirmative and community centered program that centers communities of color, yet in accepting anyone regardless of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual belief, disability and/or economic background. Our goal is to highlight the importance of intergenerational bridging, which is past, present and future. We have the power to relearn from the past, bridge the gaps that keep us apart and create a brighter, interdependent, sustainable and equitable future.

Through this program, we use creative expression to further uplift leadership, public speaking, resume and skill building, literacy, business mapping and discovering our creative voice. We discover language to our everyday experiences that introduces technical, ancestral, traditional, cultural and explorational ways of understanding and unpacking the world through our stories. This presents itself as a series of classes, one day classes, community workshops, mindfulness practices and creative field trips that exposes youth and adults to various forms of culture. This also present through mentorships that connects youth with practicing community centered creatives and businesses in desired fields. Mentorships are dependent on agreement with participating individuals, institutions and organizations. 

Our educational program can be integrated in educational institution settings, homes and community spaces. 

We explore these realms through emotional, historical, socio-political, global and internal awareness that highlights the needs of having fun while learning integrative processes of subject life learning through the arts.

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from the artist:


 As a creator who manifests collective focused installations, activations and larger size works, I found difficulty in being able to personally connect with each and every person who viewed my work. Making these creations has opened a door for one-on-one connection with each person who buys a product and/or connects with me through markets.


This is special as it gives me the chance to create smaller works of art that are accessible, intentional and intuitive calling to the owner. Since childhood, I wanted to make work that could be accessible for communities who may not have the financial means to purchase large works of art.


Sweet. Herbs is honoring my community(ites) and challenges the ways we truly view art as healing for person and collective. Each product's conception came from me using these creations to assist me along my journey and they have supported me as a liberated guide from many forms of daily sickness, mental health and dissociation with body, mind and spirit. ​

Sweet. herbs Online Apothecary

Sweet. Herbs is the honeycomb of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary that manifests as our mobile and online apothecary. We sell handcrafted artistic spiritual products that range from intuitive home decors such as naturally dyed towels, experimental fabric tapestries, and altar cloths to dyed clothing, personal power yoni incense holders, headwraps, hair charms, and herbal sachets for anxiety and stress. 

All Sweet Herbs products are intuitively handcrafted by Jaee Honey Sumter. Each project is filled with prayers and blessings of love, care, rejuvenation, joy, personal power, peace, abundance, ease, protection, healing, and transmutation. With these assisting energies, each product caters to a beautiful wholistic healing for the owner.

Through intuitively making these creations, each product has an internal call to its owner that creates this wondrous and magical moment of surety and recognition. These products are made with the intention that they are called to the special person it's meant for. 

You can also find our AséO Descendants of Roots and Legacy Empowerment Program curriculum here for purchase. It includes 200 pages of three arts educational approaches to incorporating arts within institutional, community organizations, and homeschooling. This presents itself through the lens of technique, inquiry, global awareness, community art, artivism, and arts literacy for English 2nd language learners. It also highlights different ways of honoring all learning styles through lessons. This curriculum includes personal samples, lesson plans, worksheets, and three curriculum approaches in one, 208-books by POC authors (for youth & adults). 

Custom creations are also available for individuals, memorials, weddings, funerals, and small businesses.

 This includes but is not limited to: 

Marriage, Memorial & Personal Spiritual Brooms

Natural & Experimental: Dyed Clothing, Altar Cloths, Towels, and Fabric

Personal Wall Altars or 1:1 support 

Personal Small Business Banners 

Floral, Painted, or Material based Photo Backdrops

Natural Material Wreaths & Bouquets

Material Based Sculptures for home protection

Bachelorette & Party favors: Yoni Incense holders, big or mini-spiritual brooms

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