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Jaee / Honey

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Creativity change lives, heals,

and solves problems.



  General Information:

50% of all proceeds from Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary's work goes towards our Sweet Fund



Our programming that supports our Sweet Fund includes:

  •  Ase O: Descendants of Roots and Legacy Community Arts Education Program

  • Sweet Herbs Mobile and Online Herbal Shop

  • Sweet Programming (small events, healing circles, gatherings)


  • Sweet Freelance (Artist, Curator, Life Coach, Healing Arts Practitioner)

Services & Offerings

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC is a small traveling interdisciplinary community creative business that produces programs, events, and services that empower all communities of color and our experiences. As we work directly with the community -- we work from the ground up with families, creators, and businesses in building and providing creative-based programs that focus on sustainability, generational wealth, legacy building, education, ancestral and cultural awareness, professional development, entrepreneurship, wellness, community care, and collective interdependence. 


Through our programming, we support all communities of color through.


TWO main approaches: 


1. We offer virtual and in-person creative-based services, workshops, events, and programs to groups and individuals who need the expertise of what we can offer the community. 

2. Monthly, we distribute 50-100 need-based kits and free classes to low-income and shelterless individuals, kids, and families. Classes center on professional and personal development, such as budgeting, resume building, and public speaking.


 We work directly and side-by-side with communities in need that honor their voice and experience in providing the most aligned services and experiences for them, their families, and the greater community within their neighborhood and beyond. 


We partner and collaborate with organizations and creators on programs and projects with the aligned vision of personal and collective liberation, no matter the field of practice and study. 





 Sweet Fund 

The Sweet Fund financially supports creatives, provides small charity causes with need-based kits during our monthly donation distribution, Sweet Community Care, and offers free 1:1 professional - personal development classes to individuals and parents.

Distribution Examples: (groceries, community refrigerators, hygiene products, art supplies, books, feminine products, masks, bedding, school supplies, 1:1 skill, and professional development)

100% of direct donations go towards our Monthly Sweet Community Care Donation Distribution.

Examples: (groceries, community refrigerators, hygiene products, art supplies, books, feminine products, masks, bedding, school supplies, 1:1 skill, and professional development)


Jaee Honey Sumter Interdisciplinary Freelance


  1. Reiki Healing Sessions (in person)

  2.  Community Arts Consultant 

  3. Travel Photography & Community-based documentaries

  4. Community-Based Installations 

  5. Lecturer, Event Host & Guest Speaker 

  6. Ancestral & Community Public Altars 

  7. Modeling & Fashion Styling 

  8. Gogo Dancing, Performances & Dance Jam Sessions 

  9. Artist Commissions

  10. Cultural Art-Based Workshops + Parties 

  11. Movement Workshops 

  12. Oracle Readings: Individual, Events & Group 

Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC Service List


Ase’ O: Descendants of Roots & Legacy Community Art Education Program


  1. In-person & Virtual Arts Integration Education

  2. Accessibility through the Arts 

  3. Community Showcase and Exhibition Curator 

  4. Entrepreneurship (logo, website, business cards, portfolio, artist statement, etc..)

  5. School Creative Portfolio (beauty, art, barber school, trade, alternative options) *high school, college students and adults

  6.  Natural Dyeing Workshops (youth and adults)

  7. Ancestral Altars Workshop 

  8. Herbalism & Art Infused Classes

  9. Beginning Movement workshops (inquiry based for youth and adults)



Sweet Herbs Online & Mobile Herbal Shop

  1. Self-Acceptance Bath Salts Making Workshops 

  2. Sweet Herbs Herbal Shop Mobile Vendor

  3. Custom Orders

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