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Legacies of the Radically Altered

Solo-Community Exhibition 

LRA was my solo MFA exhibition that quickly evolved into a collective experience formed beyond myself. 
LRA explored metaphorical and literal manifestations of the ways we can create and hold space with each other through connection and celebration. This community intuitive experience physically and spiritually honored the power of collective energy. 

During this exhibition, there were Chakra-centered herbal scented altars, ancestral offerings + quotes, written affirmations, powerful performances, personal artifacts, space for sleep + meditation, an uplifting library for research, an intimate healing circle, and plants given from and to the community.

LRA was a week filled with collaborative love for us, by us. Thank you to everyone who added to this exhibition. It was a gift because of you. 


Legacies of the Radically Altared is an exhibition for our ancestors and for us.


Through this celebration and recognition, we hold space to understand the balance of life and death. We invoke their spirit within all space and time. In that spirit, it is a reminder that we are covered from head to toe. The exhibition included seven ancestral altars aligned with each color and chakra that incorporated the elements of fire, water, earth, and air, along with historical and interpersonal research. Including performances and a healing circle later in the journey opens space to heal, understand and support one another.

We are the descendants of activists, organizers, root workers, healers, herbalists, leaders, witches of divine light, doctors, artists, conjurers, strategists, thinkers, writers, philosophers, intellectuals, teachers, students, movement shakers, and the list goes on. This show is for the US and those we share that love with. We honor our ancestors and how they've paved the way for us to live in our truth. Why not have an exhibition to celebrate them, our present and future generations to come? This is the Legacies of the Radically Altared. 


Legacies of the Radically Altared exhibition is not for me, this is for us. 





Butterfleye Legacy | @multidimensial_womban

Aesin Braggs

Bri Labossiere | @bri_bossy

Nairobi Marie | @nairobi.marie

Free Plant offerings for community:

Zainab Muhammad | Urban Farmer


Community, please connect and support each of those artists for your curated spaces! They're absolutely amazing. 


Special Thanks: 


Thank you for magical offerings from the most divine beings who performed, offered artifacts, and brought love into space. Thank you to our ancestors who filled the space with love, healing, and care. Thank you to everyone who showed up, explored & embraced themselves and those in spirit and heart.


I am blessed to have shared great love and space with yall. Thank you for your offerings shared with the community. Balance bearers, we need you more than you know. Your calling is utmost divine. Please never dim it and share the most honest form of yourself. I see you. We see you. Please don't forget to see you. 

And when you do forget, remember that you are human. Give yourself divine grace and remember your vitalness. We are our ancestors, and you possess all their wisdom, strength, courage, gifts, abilities, and practices. It's inside of you -- honor them by honoring you.

- Jaee Honey

-activator & curator

Opening night, community experience
Ancestor Chakra Altars 
wisdom of Chakras
Performances | Poets
behind the EXHIBITION
Asé O
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