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   Dimensions Art Center, Chongqing, China: Emerging Artist Community Residency


Summer 2021 Resident

DAC Artists In Residency (DAIR) is a multi-dimensional art research and exchange platform with “contemporary”, “experimental”, “locality” and “publicity”. DAC is committed to materializing the symbiosis of art and society, facing the local social scene and cultural background under the context of the current era of international contemporary art environment to carry out cross-disciplinary, cross-media and interdisciplinary integration through research on theoretical practices with open, innovative and experimental mindset.


Residency Plan:


My residency plan is to explore concepts and actualizations of connection through intentionally curated space for using art to create understanding. Connection can be manifested through people, movement, research, material, history, reflection and communal depth through interaction and integration of cultures. 


This will present itself through material-based installations, arts focused workshops with local youth and community activations. My overall exhibition will flourish as each person invites themselves into the curated space for interactive activities, meaningful conversations and youth creations that encourage intercultural togetherness.

 Residency Experience


- Inspiration into form

- Experimenting

- Exploration 
- Piecing the puzzles together



Chongqing Experience & Everyday life


- Inspiration & Similar Connections


Through Balance, We Feel, Mixed Medium, 2021.JPG

-Exhibition Experience


- Background & Planning



- Behind the Scenes Footage

-Documentary Sample


- Participating Businesses 


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