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My spiritual working and products support individuals with personal and generational healing,, liberation, protection, empowerment, transmutation, divine purpose, self-care/universal, and manifestation.

I believe in transmutation and transformation. I do not work on others and only support folks on their personal journey that elevates them and the collective towards liberation. 

Through any spiritual support needed, if anyone desires harmful or nonconsensual workings on others, I am not the practitioner to best support your needs..


Candle Work + Bibliomancy (protection, abundance, healing, manifestation)

Nature Protection Art Decor 

Collective Ocreale Reading & Dicussions

Reiki Energy Healing 1-hour sessions

Ancestral Altars (1:1 and community spaces)

Intuitive meditation: Painting & Movement (1:1, small groups and community spaces)

Email me: for 1-on-1 sessions and community gatherings 

Spiritual work

Creativity Coaching


Jaee’s creativity coaching is similar to life coaching but centers on the professional and personal challenges that creative-based educators, artists, and entrepreneurs face. From personal experience of being all three, Jaee uses their coaching and overall work to deprogram the narrative that artists must starve to create and give back to the world.


Jaee supports creators by working with them 1:1 to: 

  1. Explore creative self-marketing techniques (beyond socials)

  2. Generate creative business and project proposals.

  3.  Develop business cards, websites, CVs/Resumes, and bios.

  4. Build creative programming (exhibitions, art shows, circles, events) 

  5. Create multiple creative streams of income based on their field.

  6. Craft art teaching K-12 curriculums (arts integration, social and emotional learning, community arts & art activism, traditional art technique). - For traditional and nontraditional environments (public, charter, private, international, boarding, community and freedom schools, shelters, arts and service centers, colleges, exhibitions, and community spaces. 

(all from their personal experiences of teaching K-adults in traditional or nontraditional sectors)


Through their creativity coaching, they work with creatives and creative-based organizations in all artistic disciplines. Jaee utilizes creative techniques and methods to support clients in overcoming obstacles, manifesting aligned personal and professional goals, and building upon skills and practices that foster sustainable creative lifestyles. 

Arts Intergration Instructional Coach


Through Jaee's Arts Integration instructional coaching, they support schools, arts organizations, and early and seasoned independent or in-school arts instructors. For early and seasoned arts educators (in all creative disciplines), Jaee supports the successful development of their teaching pedagogy through classroom management, social-emotional learning (SEL), arts integration, and lesson/curriculum development that aligns with that teaching environment.


For partnerships with schools and creative organizations, Jaee's coaching concentrates on implementing arts integration and arts and wellness through building and managing programs, projects, and divisions. Their Arts Integration coaching utilizes art to impactfully support all age groups and their learning styles through integrating traditional and nontraditional subject matters that better assist with their process of understanding themselves, their interests, and subject matters that may be challenging to grasp from a single angle. This approach to integration comes from personal experiences of being a neurodivergent learner and educator.


These Arts-Integrated approaches include: 

  • Arts and Literacy

  • Art and Foreign Language (English second learners)

  • Arts and Environmental + Healing Justice

  •  Arts and Cultural Preservation

  • Arts & Portfolio Building 

  •  Archiving/Storytelling

  •  Ancestral Demystification

  • Arts and Entrepreneurship

  • Arts & Stress Management/Mindfulness 


These approaches are actualized and achieved through developing arts-integrated curriculums and programs, creating enriching experiences for young people and adults (community service, camps, guest artist talks, field trips), and introducing social-emotional learning as an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. Their coaching focuses on, but is not limited to partnering with schools and organizations in disadvantaged communities between K-12 and adults.


community artist-educator
Founder of Ase' O Community Art Program
- Teaching, Coaching, Curriculum building, Portfolio Support
- Legacy building: supporting creatives in teaching their craft in classrooms and nontraditional space.
all ages (youth to adults)
- visual art, movement, ancestral and cultural practices, skill development

- photography (portraits & nature)
- painting
- creative writer
- archivist

- dancer
earth medicine
- nature home workings (protection)
-natural dyed work 
- mojo bags & spiritual wash (ori wash, clarity)
- indigo glass bottles with home protection oil 
- tea blends for menstrual support, anxiety relief, and healing
- beekeeper
digital design
- flyers
- logos
- Instructional poster examples 
Creativity Life Coach
- 1-on-1 or small groups

- Wholistic approach to unlocking the mind and moves towards purpose, connection with self and others through the lens of spirit

- Creative practices that acts as a guiding factor towards goal setting, visioning. manifestation and embracing your power.

spiritual practice.
-altar building and foundations
ancestor guidance
-Altars in public spaces

-Reiki healing 
- community exhibitions
-solo exhibitions
-school art shows
-community murals
- intergenerational cultural conversations
- interactive cultural installations
Partnerships & Client Inquiry
Email me,!
Intergenerational Bridging is liberation.
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