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I'm Jaee Sumter or folks call me Honey. I am a migrating community folk from New Orleans with deep Geechee Gullah, Creole & Cherokee roots with kin from Louisiana and the Carolinas. I am a queer non-binary hoodoo practitioner, educator, business owner, creativity-instructional coach, designer, artist, nature energy worker, and creative writer guided by the Divine, the ancestors and Mama Earth.

 I offer many educational, spiritual, liberatory, and creative approaches that support the collective toward intergenerational bridging and global sovereignty. I am the founder of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary and move graciously in this lifetime as a matriarchal warrior, cultural bearer, and healer who supports the personal and collective community toward our ascension and emancipation. 



I believe in transmutation and transformation. I do not work on others and only support folks on their personal journey that elevates them and the collective towards liberation. 

If someone desires harmful or nonconsensual workings on others, I am NOT the practitioner for your needs. My spiritual energy workings and products support individuals with personal healing, protection, empowerment, transmutation, divine purpose, self-care, and manifestation.

community artist-educator
Founder of Ase' O Community Art Program
- Teaching, Coaching, Curriculum building, Portfolio Support
- Legacy building: supporting creatives in teaching their craft in classrooms and nontraditional space.
all ages (youth to adults)
- visual art, movement, ancestral and cultural practices, skill development

- photography (portraits & nature)
- painting
- creative writer
- archivist

- dancer
earth medicine
- nature home workings (protection)
-natural dyed work 
- mojo bags & spiritual wash (ori wash, clarity)
- indigo glass bottles with home protection oil 
- tea blends for menstrual support, anxiety relief, and healing
- beekeeper
digital design
- flyers
- logos
- Instructional poster examples 
Creativity Life Coach
- 1-on-1 or small groups

- Wholistic approach to unlocking the mind and moves towards purpose, connection with self and others through the lens of spirit

- Creative practices that acts as a guiding factor towards goal setting, visioning. manifestation and embracing your power.

spiritual practice.
-altar building and foundations
ancestor guidance
-Altars in public spaces

-Reiki healing 
- community exhibitions
-solo exhibitions
-school art shows
-community murals
- intergenerational cultural conversations
- interactive cultural installations
Intergenerational Bridging is liberation.
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