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Youth and Adults Community Art Program

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 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”


Ancestor Nelson Mandela

Community Care

Legacy building

Arts Integration

Each one, Teach one

Asé O Foundations

Inquiry- based learning

Wholistic Development 


Cultural Awareness

Collaboration & Community

Self, Socio, Cultural & Global Awareness

Analyzation & Research 

About Asé O

Asé O: Descendants of Roots & Legacy is Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary's Community Art and Wellness program that grounds itself in integrational bridging, inquiry-based learning, and the full-person approach to learning. Our program centers on wellness, arts integration, literacy, and social-emotional through the lens of life. Asé O supports organizations, participating students, and creators interested in teaching their field of focus, creatively and with collective legacy at the forefront. Our program supports organizations, families, and individuals through teaching, coaching, and building integrative curriculums that expand our awareness about ourselves and the world(s) we experience.

Our entry point to collective legacy building and creative-based wellness centers in the traditional framework of each one, teach one mindset that investigates our role(s) in collective liberation. Asé O's approach to education builds and nourishes a sustaining foundation that uses creativity for expression, activism, community empowerment, emotional awareness, identity exploration, entrepreneurship, equitability, solution building, interpersonal development, and an understanding of systemic gaps that lead to community separation.









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Introduction to Natural Dyeing & Painting Workshop:
In partnership with Lion Creek Apartments || Teen Creative Camp
Oakland, CA

Introduction to Natural Dyeing & Painting Workshop:
"Mural to our Ancestors"

Partnership with Abundant Beginnings Freedom Forest School 
Oakland, CA


Our mission is to use creativity to expand minds and unveil new pathways that support individuals learning abilities, creative passions, careers, and potential teaching interests that welcome new ways to use their natural gifts and interest(s). This support in expansion and imagination brings forth the necessary tools that uplift healthy minds, expand hearts, and cultivate a brighter intergenerational future. 

Asé  O centers the exploration of life through the lens of creative practice that gives participants the nurturing space to explore and practice the research, discovery application, and radical action of using a creative expression for unpacking trauma and intergenerational patterns while embracing new perspectives of healing, personal fulfillment, global liberation, and social change.


This discovery constructs through the lens of the Socio-Ecological Model and Social Change Ecosystem of understanding our part in collective social change. ​


Partnership with Abundant Beginnings Freedom Forest School 

Asé O: Descendants of Roots & Legacy

  • Asé  O can be in your community space for one-time classes or semester/year-long projects. 

  • Asé  O does instruct in person and virtually to all age groups, including adults. Instruction includes traditional/nontraditional environments.

  • Asé O does table at events and offers creative workshops for events, small groups, organization team building, group professional development and classes.


Asé O: Descendants of Roots & Legacy

 Educating Community Artist:

  • Asé O supports and coaches new and interested artists in teaching what they know to youth and adults, virtually and in person. We help you build and construct the necessary skills in your educational development within and beyond the classroom. This development includes community management, educating through the lens of your craft, curriculum building, lesson planning, teaching pedagogy, resume, etc...

  • Asé  O welcomes all interested educators of all creative fields. 

(Poets, comedians, visual artists, dancers, cooks, musicians, building/trade, public speakers, sex educators, herbalists, wellness practitioners, farmers, etc...)

Schools, Small Businesses & Organizations: 

  • Asé O supports schools, organizations, DOE teachers, and individuals in curriculum building that supports arts integration and inquiry learning within new and pre-existing. 

  • Asé  O supports organizations and professional development workshops through community art, creative team building, wellness, and meditation. 


Our  beliefs and values

 Legacy work is vital in our journey toward personal and collective liberation. As we learn from each other through active participation, we create more blueprints and roadmaps that lead to social change. Generationally, we are the leaders of today and tomorrow. We each have the puzzle piece to collective social change.


We believe that --- as a people, we are all the past, current and future generations of world changers, visionaries, healers, free-thinkers, builders, educators, and movement shakers that will continue the torch in liberating our collective. We valuintegrative education as one of many forms of liberation that can thrive within and beyond the classrooms.  

Sweet Care Introduction to Herbs Class
*Frame: herbs for dyeing, medicine and art making

Partnership with University of California, Berkeley, People of Color Co-operative House
Berkeley, CA

IMG-5582 (1).jpg
Letters to our Ancestors (Natural Dyeing Mural)

Partnership with Project Q, Queer Salon and free store || offers free resources for Black and Brown LGBTQIA+ shelter=less young people

Los Angeles, CA

Key Areas of Focus

Learning & Understanding

Collaboration & Community

Critical & Creative Thinking

Skill Development


Self, Socio, Cultural & Global Awareness

Analyzation & Research 

Problem-Solving & Inquiry based learning

To partner with us:  

Email us |

We look forward to working with you! 

Meet the Asé  O
Educating Community Artists 

Janae’ “Jaee” Sumter (they/them) is a California/traveling based arts wellness practitioner with a rich background in Visual Art, Arts Integration Education, Inquiry-based movement, Community Organizing, Event Planning, Life Coaching, Energy Healing, and Creative Entrepreneurship. 

Jaee Sumter is a New Orleans native who has worked with many communities of color within the U.S. and overseas. Their holistic practice manifests through extensive creative healing modalities that initiate integrative awareness. These modalities support through unpacking frameworks of global integration, equability, sustainability, and accessibility. Jaee Sumter received their Bachelor of Art from Spelman College in Studio Art and their Master of Art in Integrated Practices from Pratt Institute in community art and healing justice. Their multidisciplinary practice uses collective storytelling and creative healing approaches as an educational tool for community empowerment, socio-emotional understanding, identity awareness, ancestral connection, liberation, and intergenerational healing with and for communities of color. 

These approaches actualize through visual assemblages, movement, herbal medicine, community art activations, arts integration education, ancestral public altars, ritual practice, coaching, creative-based community fundraising, and trauma release work as a pathway for addressing the complexity of systemic oppression. 

Jaee has eight years' experience in creative community organizing and five years of teaching all age levels in traditional and non-traditional educational environments. Jaee is the founder of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC and the Asé O Community Arts Program.


Jaee Sumter

Arts Intergration Educator, Professional Development Coach and Artist


Multi-Disciplinary Practice: 
Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Community Installations, Movement, Creative Entrepreneur, Ancestral Altars, Reiki Energy Practitioner, Digital Marketing. Photography, Creative Writing, Natural Dyeing and Herbs, Nature Mediation Art

Teaching Practice:
- Introductory Classes for all age groups
-Curriculum and Lesson Plan Building, Portfolio Building,
- Community Intergenerational Workshops, Event/Show Curator
- Professional Development Coach supporting new educating artists, Project Manager

-Experience in traditional and nontraditional education settings 
-Mindfulness & Stress Managment Practices (youth and adults)

  Age groups: 
Works with all age groups, K-adults 


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