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 Asé O

Descendants of Roots & Legacy

empowerment Program

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 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”


Ancestor Nelson Mandela


Teaching Artist


Creative Integration

Curriculum Development 



Cultural Awareness




Collaboration & Community

Self, Socio, Cultural & Global Awareness

Analyzation & Research 

Ase’ O: Descendants of Roots & Legacy is the branch of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary that grounds our cultural empowerment educational program + curriculum. Ase’ O is an inclusive, affirmative educational program that centers communities of color and welcomes anyone regardless of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious/spiritual belief, disability, and economic background. 


The program centers creative practice to further uplift leadership, community building, and professional-personal development with and for low-income communities of color. Our entry point to this approach to education guides space for using creativity in expressive and practical forms that empower current and future generations of world changers, visionaries, healers, and movement shakers. This entry point actualizes through diverse creative approaches for public speaking, resume and skill building, literacy, entrepreneurship, artistic expression, community building, and identity exploration. Collectively, we use the creative arts for solution building and socio-emotional learning that can further the participant awareness to dissect and formulate the language to our everyday experiences --- personally, communally ancestrally, culturally, and globally.


Our mission is to use creatively based community education to expand minds and pathways within and beyond the classroom that supports each person's learning style. This support guides our exploration towards artivism, legacy building, and developing the necessary tools that uplift healthy minds, hearts, and visions for a brighter intergenerational future. We use multi-disciplinary arts to build confidence, the story tells, collaborate, and bridge gaps. 

 Our program centers the exploration of life through the lens of creative practice that gives participants the nurturing space to explore and practice the research, discovery application, and radical action of using a creative expression for unpacking trauma and intergenerational patterns while embracing new perspectives of healing, personal fulfillment, global liberation, and social change. We will explore wellness-based radicalism through internal emotional, historical, socio-political, and global awareness that highlights the wondrous process of integrative core and noncore subject learning through the arts. Within our classes, we will use diverse creative approaches to guide our understanding of the world. Through creative practice, we are centering the discovery of our part in the collective mission toward social change that embodies our story, interests, and natural gifts. This discovery will construct through the lens of the Socio-Ecological Model and Social Change Ecosystem of understanding our part as it affects social change. ​

Ase' O can be brought to you and taught in your community space -- traditional and nontraditional environments. Classes can come in the form of one-time classes or long-term projects. These projects can manifest through a series of classes that guides the execution of a student-led and participated showcase. The program is for both youth and adults, in-person and virtual. Lessons can be integrated and catered specifically to your needs.

Legacy work is vital in our journey toward personal + collective liberation. As we learn from each other through active participation, we create more blueprints and roadmaps that lead to social change. Generationally, we are the leaders of today and tomorrow. We each have in our DNA, the puzzle piece to collective social change. 

Key Areas of Focus

Knowlege & Understanding

Collaboration & Community

Critical & Creative Thinking

Skill Development


Self, Socio, Cultural & Global Awareness

Analyzation & Research 

Problem-Solving & Inquiry based learning

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