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In stillness, I find hope.

in hope, I discover ways of flying.

ways of floating.

ways of being. 

ways of honoring.

ways of feeling.


I see hope and feel hopeful in the process of life and death. the cycle of connection to all things. all beings. all wishes. all natural remedies. all dreams.


an awakening to what’s to come.


In stillness, I find hope. 

I understand faith. 

I align with the process of surrendering and I find peace in that.


to see beyond the veil; a truth that can’t be unseen. we all we got- each other. so find your peace, sit in your stillness, sleep with your dreams on your shoulder, tell others you love them, imagine a world of peace, create without fear, love deeply with pain + hate at the door and know when to shift when you need to. 

but also


meditate on what’s the come and  know there are things we can not change... but also know there are things we can change— so change them for you and those who understand will surely be by your side.


standing hand and hand. spirit and spirit. ancestor and ancestor. angel and angel. human and human. Heart and Heart. Love and Love. Equally.


we may lose some along the way, but spiritually they are never really gone. just another form. in another room. or still sitting right beside us.


share your love, share your truth, create your world, help others in that process and be of the world. the sun is here, and the moon is too. 

There is liberation there... in balance.

-2020, Luang Prabang



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