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when you learn, TEACH.

when you get, GIVE.


 Ancestor Maya Angelou

I am teach becauseit gives me life. learning in a system that was not constructed for children in unsupported environments allows me to become creative in educating the children of today and tomorrow. Understanding that there is freedom in learning beauty in dreaming big, and nuruting their own comfortibility in creating.

Learning in that institutionalized and systematic educational system for almost 23 years  has allowed me to unpack the differences between  'needing' to learn in order to survive and wanting to learn for personal growth. Kids deserve opportunities to learn and know that people believe in them because they are important. and magical. This leave space for them to choose how. As I am students of life. As I learn, i share- not to hold in the information for my own, but to share merely a perspective.. Thank you to the teachers who believed in me. Let's continue to share our wisdom with each other. 





MOCHA (Musuem of Childrens Art)



  •  Golden Gate Schools (3) 

9th-12th, Brentwood, Pittsburg, Richmond

  • Golden Gate Prep Elementary, 

Pre-K-5th, Richmond, CA

  • Laurel Elementary

        2nd-5th, Oakland, CA

Golden Gate, Pittsburg
9th-12th grade


Golden Gate, Brentwood
9th-12th grade


Golden Gate, Richmond
9th-12th grade