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February 2019 Web Art Show


I am A Women


July2019Group Exhibition

    Artist | Q&A Moderator 

Lichtundfire Gallery, New York, NY

Project Third Residency:

with artist Shaun Leonardo

Brooklyn, NY, Pratt Institiute, Summer 2019

Echoes of Life: The Reflection of Self

Ravenswing Magical Shop & Co.

November 2022-Feburary 2023

Okland, CA

Echos of Life: The reflections of Self honors the conversation that we have with ourselves, our community(s) and the world around us.


The ideas, practices, reflections and essence of our exploration through life. As we continue in our evolution, we grow. We experience. We challenge. We heal. We accept and we learn. We witness the many cycles, seasons, mirrors and illusions of who we are and who we are not.


Through that journey, we honor, discover and share. This exhibition holds space for the ways I continue to grow, research and experience my truth through discovery. This body of work is the curiosity and asé of reiterations and echoes that liberation the soul. 

Beg Borrow or Steal Art Action 

Recess Art

2019 Artist Participant

Brooklyn, NY