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August 4-13, 2021
Chongqing, China

Solo - Community 

Stories of Connection:
A Journey Through the Indigo Sea

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Stories of Connection: A Journey through the Indigo Sea 




This exhibition is a representation of symbolic alignment where the idea of water and stories are one in the same and are connected with everything that already exists. Where togetherness connects everything. Stories and Water are one in the same. Water and stories connect people together; both culturally and globally. Both can be viewed as containers that link every civilization as one. Water represents the idea of what it means to flow along our destined journey or path. We need water in order to survive, cleanse our spirit and care for the Earth. As people, we are made of 75-80 percent of water and even though we are made of water, we also need water to drink, cook, clean, and grow our produce. Water can be considered as a graceful entity. It is shallow, deep, emotional, intuitive, fluid, protective, abundant, constant and expresses the pure essence of Divine Feminine energy. Within water, we find many forms of life that exist, interconnect and used for currencies of exchange, like cowrie shells. The embodiment of water is abundant and very different based on its environment as well as setting. There are lakes, oceans, rivers and streams; some are large in quantity and others have particular tastes or smells based on the circumstances. This is similar to people, we are different based on our identity, environment, region and cultural understandings. We acquire taste, ideals, traditions and language in a multitude of ways, but we also derive from the same core place. This is what makes people extremely similar to water and nature as a whole.

这是一个呈现象征性联系(?)的展览,它将已经存在的一切事物都联系在一起。故事如水,它 们将人文化上地和全球性地联系在一起。两者都可以被视为将每一个文明联系在一起的容 器。水代表沿着我们预定旅程或路线流动的想法;水是生存所需;水可以被认为是优雅的、 浅薄的、深奥的、情感的、直觉的、不稳定的、保护性的、丰富的、恒定的;水也表达了神 圣女性能量的本质。人体内75-80%是水,可以说我们是由水组成的。但即便如此,我们也 需要用饮用水,用水煮饭、做清洁、种庄稼,并且用水净化我们的灵魂和表达对地球的关 爱。我们在水中发现了发现了许多生命,它们相互联系并用于货币交换,例如⻉壳。与人相 比,水的具身化是丰富的,且因环境而异。水可以形成湖泊、海洋、河流和小溪,且一些水 的具身化数量巨大,另一些则在不同的情况下有特殊的味道和气味。这就是人与自然(?)极其

            相似之处。我们给予身份、环境、地域和文化的差异而不同;我们通过多种方式习得品味、 想法、传统和语言;但是,我们都源自同一个核心位置(?)。


This exhibition is a manifested experience to ask and explore questions by beginning to  understand the serendipity of the ways we receive our answers. As an artist and curator, this residency period created an opportunity to explore the possibilities of connection. During this time, I have witnessed many serendipitous  moments that reminded me of the places I still call home to this day, which is the universal essence of spirit as well as each person I’ve met and each place I’ve lived and/or traveled to.

I believe that the value of community, culture and celebration can be energetically felt around the world and in its own way. While residing in Chongqing and China for two years, I have stayed in the internal space of living in the present moment, which allowed me to recognize many forms of connection, fluidly. Through staying in this presence, the connections between people, nature, stories, cultural rituals and traditions allowed this exhibition to reveal in the most liberating expressions of being in constant flow of experiences with the local Chongqing Community. Each artist, business owner, and community member shared themselves with me and held space for me to share myself as well. Through that connection, this exhibition was actualized.


Stories of Connection: A Journey Through the Indigo Sea is a combination of our energies, as one. I feel that each person who enters this exhibition space will feel seen and/or heard in some way, whether it’s immediately felt or takes a bit of time. That is the power of connection. It’s energy and it's real. I hope that you love this show as much as I do.

Special thank you to Himalayas Bookstore, Together Coffee, Meaningless Vintage, Qu Yin bookstore, Small Bowl 




Exhibition Experience


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