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to the Poets & Preformers,

so much gratitude to each poet + creator that shared themselves so willingly and with much honest love.


Your creative ocean guided us into a divine space of emotion. Your offerings of personal wisdom, truth telling, and present energy created great abundance of love that the space + the people needed. You gave so much passionate truth.


You are phenomenal. 


You are so bright with being you and trying every day. You're excelling and your bravery to share so honesty is inspiring. Keep sharing your magic because you are powerful, and your truth is more than enough. it deserves + needs to be heard, seen, acknowledged, celebrated and respected. 

I was not a coincidence that all of the performers, offerings and space was filled with powerful queer love. I and the community appreciate you so deeply.


- Jaee | Honey


Butterfleye Legacy



Nairobi Marie



Aesin Braggs