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love letter 1


 I am proud of the person were in this season of your life and the ways you challenged the notions and realities of self as a young queer person trying to understand yourself. You didn't have it easy, but you found a new you in life's challenge(s).  You discovered so much about yourself and allowed yourself to be free in your style, presence and flow.

Bowties, vintage patterns of grandma's memory, tattoos, thrift stores, retail workin, Odd Future, Bob Marley, crazy socks, vans, art and oxfords. a purple afro. You challenged norms and inspired space in being a "weird" Black kid from the hood. You found authenticity in being weird because it opened space for you to vibe with many groups even when you didn't identify solely in one. Your presence was as classic as A Different World where folks were like, "oh that's just Janae' and their own style own."

You joined many organizations and took on leadership roles as a way of integration, self-discovery, giving back and showing that even different people can show up in any way they decided.

For your prom attire you wore a dress with leather oxfords and a blazer. with suit designed nails. It wasn't the wide flare legged suit you wanted, but honey, you wore oxfords and it felt good.


you did that shit.


High School Jaee



Step Team

Swim Team

Senior Class Secretary 

Hosa member

Student Council

Deca Entrepreneurship club


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