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a divine soul. a human. a sibling. daughter. a granddaughter. a friend. a sibling. a community member. a lover. a fighter. an empowerer. a builder. a creator. a weaver. an artist. 

About The Artist

Janae' Sumter as known as Jaee Honey is a traveling nonbinary practitioner who has a rich background and practice in the realms of Visual Art, Arts Integration Education, Spiritual Narrative Weaving, Dance, Sound healing, Community Event Curating, Creative Life Coaching. and Reiki & Herbal Thai Massage healing within the U.S and internationally.


Jaee is a New Orleans native who obtained their Bachelor of Arts from Spelman College in Studio Art and Master of Art in Integrated Practices focusing on Community Art & Social Justice from Pratt Institute. Honey is a community organizer and cultural bearer who uses many forms of creative modality as a collective altar that channels community empowerment, care, interdependence, legacy wealth building, sustainability, integration, mindfulness, ancestral knowledge, legacy, transformation and the relationship between self & the world around us.


Physically, this manifests through cooking, movement, activism, creative business, archiving, creative writing, dialogic creative workshops, art activations, curating, visual art, curriculum building, travel, cultural storytelling circles, symbolic material public altars, herbal medicine, ancestral knowledge, creative inquiry and real-world skill-based education and energy work.

Energetically, this happens through connection + vulnerability -- unpacking the roots of generational trauma, collective oppression and community separation. Through using these creative practices, we unpack these realities in order to rebirth fertile space to further our understanding of the ways we can accept, challenge, rework and change systems that do not work, while welcoming ideas for new ones that creates innovative guidance towards collective liberation.

Ase and so it is...

Get at a shawty 


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