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Sweet Herbal Honey is a community-led platform that started on February 29, 2020. In the midst of Covid ‘19, Shh was manifested as a virtual space for people to find comfort, make connections, and feel heard as well as supported, especially for communities of color. Shh addresses topics of self-love, wholistic health, self and global awareness, liberation, mindfulness, arts, herbal medicine, community support and more. A year later, Shh is now a newly formed LLC entity and ever-growing hive that incorporates a variety of elements in one. As an apothecary of herbal services and products as well as a community led-platform, Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC is a collaborative hive of voices, ideas, and nurturing manifestations that is for the community, by the community towards. You can find Shh on YouTube, IG and our archival website. Here you can find every project and collaboration hosted by the hive.

Shh is a honoration of viewing both a hive and an apothecary through the lens of individuals sharing the trueness and uniqueness of who they are individually and working as one to create a creative empowering space for collaboration, understanding and building collectively and passionately. It's recognizing and celebrating both our differences and similarities for mutual understanding. Shh grows as we grow personally and collectively. Those who share themselves, spread the word, bring folks in and  even those who just take notice for themselves, the hive grows and forms naturally.

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